Psychoeducational Evaluations

Psychological Testing for Educational Purposes

A lot of smart kids (and adults) have trouble academically, for a variety of reasons. For individuals not reaching their potential, in order to ensure success in school it is important to clearly understand the issues and any impediments to success.

Estimates range that between 5% and 15% of school-aged children have a learning difference (sometimes referred to as a learning disability) that significantly interferes with their ability to do well in school. Also, about 5% may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—with or without hyperactivity. These are just some of the reasons a bright individual may struggle in school. These issues create considerable frustration, insecurity, loss of confidence, and even hopelessness around schoolwork, which may be acted out in behavior problems.

Understanding the Problem

Aside from learning differences and ADHD, there are many other reasons an individual may struggle in school.

The only way to understand if a person, child or adult, has a learning difference, ADHD or something else that may be an impediment to learning, is by a thorough assessment. This assessment is called a psychoeducational evaluation.

A psychoeducational evaluation involves a battery of tests and assessment procedures that gather information about an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in several domains. With this objective information, much can be understood about learning difficulties and related issues.

Testing for learning problems involves specific tests in the areas of intellectual abilities and cognitive style (verbal and nonverbal abilities, visual-perceptual and visual-motor, language, learning and memory under various conditions, attention/concentration, comprehension, and other areas), academic skills (various aspects of reading, writing, and math), social and emotional development, and behavior. A selection of tests is administered to objectively measure individual abilities and identify patterns of strength and possible weakness.

Finding Help

Every person is different. Although certain tests are routinely used in my testing services, I do not adopt a one-way-for-all approach, but rather I develop a program of tests geared for the individual and the specific questions and issues they bring. I also believe it is important to be comprehensive and thorough.

Once the testing is completed, the results can be analyzed and a learning profile emerges which identifies any learning impediments as well as normal strengths and weaknesses. This information has a very important and practical purpose. Once these patterns are clarified and understood, an educational plan that utilizes strengths and supports and addresses areas of needed development can be put in place. Also, in many schools and academic testing situations, individuals may qualify for helpful accommodations and supports.

Following the testing, I meet with the client or parents and share the results. In addition, I deliver a comprehensive report outlining all the essential information. Recommendations for improvement are also reported and discussed. I am also available to consult with the school, counselor, or others as necessary.

If you think you or a child or adult you know could be doing better in school, you may be right. But help may be needed to find out what is getting in the way of his or her doing better, to get over stumbling blocks, and provide guidance along the way.

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